Business Cooperation

Business Cooperation

Cooperation Details

Cooperation Detail

Cooperation Application
-Please select-
  • Licensing
  • Co-branding
  • Contents Development
  • Theme Shop and Offline Event
  • E-commercial
  • Self-media Cooperation
-Please select-
  • Company
  • Organisation
  • Individual
  • Others
Happy Elements collect the following personal information from companies who seek partnerships related to our Anipop Club.

All the collected information is for confirmation and contact usage. All the information will be well-protected. In order to cooperate, need to collect below information. Only record the proposal with permission of information collection.

1. Items of Personal information to be collected
- Required items: Company (organization) name, name, phone number, and email address
- Optional items: Fax number

2. Collection and use of personal information
- To verify the identity of the person proposing a partnership and secure effective communication channel

3. Use period of personal information
- Archived for 3 months after a partnership proposal review.
Before submit the proposal, please read and understand below items:
Happy Elements will read proposal, only contact when the proposal fit to Anipop Club Brand or inquiry for the proposal. Happy Elements will not promise to reply all the proposals.

Happy Elements is also free for below items:
- For the proposla, MKT plan, contents, service or merchandising plan, which torting 3rd Party rights,
- Providing confidential protection for the proposla, MKT plan, contents, service or merchandising plan.