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Anipop Club Theme Meeting Rooms Officially Launched!

Date: 2017-06-01

In June 2017, our friends from Anipop Club bring their café into the real world. Together with WStudio, Anipop Club helps re-design 10 online sharing meeting rooms in Beijing into Anipop Club theme: No more tension and stress from the traditional meeting rooms, making sharing economy a much more affable concept. Most importantly, we provide people in different professions with more convenient, relaxing and private meeting places. 

Where to find these meeting rooms?

  1. Education + Café: Zhongguancun MOOC Times Building, Building B Level 1, 18 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian, Beijing
  2. Here There Café & Bakery: Minsheng Building Level 1 East Side, 38 N East 3rd Ring Road, Chaoyang, Beijing
  3. Linkin Time: Renmin University of China, Zhixing Five Building Level B1, 59 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian, Beijing
  4. Yuan Café: Hesheng-Kirin Society, 8-2 W Futong Street, Chaoyang, Beijing
  5. Me Coffee: You Le Hui, A3-125, S Guangshun Street, Chaoyang, Beijing
  6. Blenz Coffee: Tianyuan Harbor Central Shopping Street, Space 06, Chaoyang, Beijing
  7. Daisys Dream: Changsheng Building Level 1, 29 N Xinhua Street, Xicheng, Beijing
  8. M&V Coffee: 9 Huizhgong Road, Chaoyang, Beijing
  9. Menthe Yard: 8 Anding Gate Huangsi Street, Dongcheng, Beijing
  10. VRC Café: Donglang Cinematic Creative Park, 10 Langjiayuan Road, Chaoyang, Beijing

If you are in Beijing, come and visit any one of the places above in June, and you will be surprised!